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Accounts Payable & Recovery Audit Specialists

“Before ARI came along, it was just an endless parade of audit companies coming in and going out.”

– Internal Client Post-Audit Manager

“It is clear to us that ARI seeks to maximize client revenue while minimizing grief.”

– Senior Vice President, Finance

“ARI looks for money in areas that no other audit firm thought to look before.”

– Director of Accounting

How much profit is your company losing through vendor overpayments and under deductions?

No matter the organization’s size, trade, or the scope of its internal controls, inadvertent accounting errors are going to happen. Even with close monitoring and stringent financial safeguards, these mistakes can add up quickly and substantially diminish a company’s profitability.

Audit Resource, Inc. (“ARI”) specializes in providing full-service, built-to-spec accounts payable (“AP”) and recovery audits designed to protect your business against overpaying suppliers. As a 100% contingency fee-basis engagement, ARI’s services are risk-free and available at no out-of-pocket to you – said differently, we do not get paid until after your recovery. No matter the complexity of the payment processing system, no matter the novelty of the specific issues faced, ARI will create a solution to meet your entity’s unique financial goals.

As a 100% contingency fee-based engagement, all of ARI’s services are available risk-free at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We guarantee a precise, thorough audit focused on achieving client objectives, preventing future misspending, and maximizing lost profit recovery.

Achieve The ARI Advantage

Join the elite group of clients around the world who have relied on our decades of auditing experience to maximize lost profit recovery. Our team of expert auditors, armed with ARI’s suite of proprietary tools, is uniquely trained to manipulate all forms of transactional data – regardless of recording method, data format, or volume of records – and develop invaluable insight on ways to protect your profitability.

Whether through a first or second pass review of your transactions, Audit Resource, Inc. can aid in recovering even more of your misspent money and preventing similar overpayments from occurring in the future.

Auditing by the ARI Experts

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